Letter to Kathleen Wynne

November 8, 2017 / Comments Off on Letter to Kathleen Wynne


Feel free to send this letter written by our member Leslie Marshall to Kathleen Wynne at premier@ontario.ca

Dear Premier Wynne

I am one of the college faculty currently on strike. I understand your position that two sides should resolve this dispute without the government intervening, however, there is a provision in the management final offer on which we are being forced to vote which I believe should be of grave concern to you as it is a direct attempt to undermine government policy.

Attack on Bill 148

The Ontario government has made a commitment to address issues of precarious employment through guaranteeing equal pay for equal work for contract workers. The final offer made the College Employers Council contains wording which would classify contract teachers’ work as not substantially similar to that of fulltime faculty and therefore exempt from the provisions of bill 148. While this is an insult to the 70% – 80% of contact teachers in the college system, whom Don Sinclair seems to think are only there to provide “colour commentary”, it is also a direct attack on your policies and on bill 148. If allowed, it would set a precedent and a model for other employers to circumvent legislation and render any laws around equal pay meaningless.
I urge you to act to prevent this.

This is not just about college faculty, it is an attack by government funded institutions on you and your government’s stated aims. You have a huge stake in the outcome of this strike. Please act now to ensure a fair settlement that protects contract workers.


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