Why We Said No

November 16, 2017 / Comments Off on Why We Said No


Why Did We Have to Say “No “to the Colleges’
So-called ‘Offer’?

Management was looking for substantial concessions in their “offer” to faculty, on both staffing and workload. We could not accept this deal after spending almost five weeks on the picket line. We could not accept:
• The weakening of our ability to secure stable, full-time jobs for contract faculty.
• Leaving faculty wide open to pressure by unscrupulous managers to accept unlimited overtime.
• Platitudes regarding academic freedom with no concrete commitments.
• The devaluation of faculty members’ education, with respect to salary calculations.
• Management’s Return to Work Protocol, which exploits of both full-time and partial load faculty.
Turning down this ‘offer’ doesn’t mean students’ return to the classroom will be delayed. Meaningful negotiations will result in a deal that ensures students complete their semester. It can be done!
It’s time for Management to stop stonewalling and negotiate a fair and reasonable deal with faculty.
It’s time for the Wynne Government to step up to the plate and demand that the Colleges start thinking about students and their fall semester that hangs in the balance. Get them back to the table!
Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support.

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Local 240 Communications Officer