Important Information About Your Workload

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This information was sent out from our bargaining team. We will all need to be reviewing/renegotiating our workload for the remainder of the term so will need a revised SWF. Please follow these guidelines when doing so.

Based on our collective agreement, your union recommends the following process:

1. Under Article 11.02A1 (a) and (b), each faculty member should request a new workload and semester completion conversation with their supervisor.
2. From this meeting, faculty should request that a detailed semester completion plan be issued in writing by the supervisor. If your supervisor does not provide a written direction, you may email them your understanding of your conversation and ask for clear confirmation that this is how they would like you to proceed. If they do not respond, you should not respond with course revisions, and reach out to the union.
3. Faculty should then request a revised SWF for the rest of the semester accounting for this additional work, and containing the correct semester dates.
4. Faculty should document all hours worked (log your hours at the end of each day).
5. Faculty should refer their SWF to the workload monitoring group if there is any disagreement about workload, or if you end up working more overtime.
6. Faculty should be paid for overtime that is accurately recorded on their revised SWF.
7. In all communications with your supervisor, copy the union local, to ensure there is a clear record.
Unfortunately, partial load faculty are left in a very precarious position, and this was a major issue in this strike. We have posted on our website a Q and A for partial load faculty on some of the issues you may experience.

If you have any questions contact your steward or a member of the executive

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